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hi i am in need of a miracle or an angel to help me... as of feb 25th last year, (our anniversary also)my husband was diagnosed with brittle diabetes, pancretitus and an enlarged liver....he is terminal..we have 4 children as well..well i was able to make ends meet until this past november,when i fell severly behind in my space rent payments...i own my mobil home, and am no in debt in the tune of $1,100.00, and have since lost my job, my husband lost his job due to his being in the hospital more than him being out of the hospital....and my taking care of him caused my job loss....i had until yesterday 4-18-08 to pay the $1100.00 or else eviction...well i couldnt get enough money....i am $800.00 short....i have tried selling everything we own to get it but to no avail.....PLEASE HELP US... if we are evicted we will be homeless....and it will just be a sure early death sentence for my husband, and what about our children???.....IF YOU KNOW OF ANY WAY I CAN SAVE US PLEASE TELL ME, OR EMAIL ME AT


thank you for your time!!!

aliciah atchley

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